We strongly believe that the services and quality of candidates that Dunwood Recruitment offer will dramatically increase the productivity of our clients’ workforce. This is why believe in our tagline ‘Helping Businesses to Succeed’. We understand that by providing high quality candidates to an already successful workforce that we can lift companies out of the ordinary and truly help our clients’ business to succeed.

Dunwood Recruitment’s growth has been built upon honest and reliable relationships with our clients and under the knowledge that we have the experience and the drive necessary to be a key part of the success of their company. Dunwood Recruitment strives to be different from other Labour Hire and Recruitment companies as our employees are specialist recruiter who have worked in the relevant industries that they are recruiting for.


This allows us to provide a bespoke service enabling us to not only find the right candidates for the right job, but finding the candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience who are motivated to succeed.


At Dunwood Recruitment we have a passion for Recruitment and Labour Hire and we pride ourselves on our reputation for raising the bar on industry standards through the provision of innovative consulting services. Whether we meet you as a candidate or client we value the relationship equally and work in partnership to deliver your desired result.

About Us

Area of Activity:

Dunwood Recruitment strongly believes that we have the experience and drive necessary to be a key part of the success of your company.

Our growth has been built upon honest and reliable relationships with our clients.

Industry Knowledge

We believe the cornerstone of our recruitment and labour company is that all our direct employees understand the construction industry and have directly worked in it.

This allows us to understand our clients’ needs fully and give ourselves and our clients the best possible chance to identify the best possible candidates.

About Us
About Us

Our Promise to you:

Quality assurance process:
This has ensured that every client who comes into contact with Dunwood receives the same top level assistance every time. In order for Dunwood Recruitment to be the leading provider in recruitment we ensure that we are selective about whom we work for.

The right candidate for the job:
We will reduce your staffing and human resources cost by taking full control of finding the perfect candidate for your company. We will always provide candidates that are fully trained and qualified for the specific role they will be placed in.

Screening of candidates:
At Dunwood Recruitment our consultants are challenged to set a new benchmark for the quality of candidates and services provided to our clients by enforcing an in-depth and detailed screening process.

Excellent customer service:

Our trained support team are there to deal with any issue you may encounter by providing a full-time service. We will always strive to provide a cost-effective service while always fulfilling the requirements in place.

Consolidated costs:

With the hourly rate including all ‘on costs’ such as superannuation, payroll tax, insurances and workers’ compensation, there are no hidden charges, just one call to your Dunwood Recruitment consultant and all your recruitment needs can be solved.

A Bit More About Us

Dunwood Recruitment is a specialised trade and labour hire company that caters to the needs of our clients in the Civil, Construction, Mining and Rail industries.

When it comes to the recruitment of candidates Dunwood Recruitment and Labour Hire takesa refreshingly professional approach to the whole process.

Dunwood Recruitment will always strive for a win-win situation, where both candidate and client are satisfi ed with the result.