Dunwood Recruitment can only pay you, once we receive:

A Signed Timesheet with all the following information completed:

  • Enter your full name and the client’s name.
  • Beside each day enter your start and finish time, breaks taken, site address.

Please note: the timesheet must be signed daily by the site supervisor (the submitted timesheet must be a clear photo/scan).

  • If you have been on more than one site in the same week, then you must submit two separate timesheets.

Please note: You must bring a Dunwood timesheet to site each day

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 How do I submit my timesheet?

  • Timesheets must be sent to accounts each Monday (for the previous week’s work) before 10am.
  • You can scan the timesheet and email it to timesheets@dunwood.com.au or alternatively you can take a photo using your phone of the signed timesheet and email it to timesheets@dunwood.com.au.

When should I not submit a timesheet?

  • If it has not been signed by the site supervisor
  • If your name and site address is missing
  • If your hours (i.e. start and finish time) are missing
  • If it is not legible
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About Us

What should I do if I forgot to get my timesheet signed?

  • You must contact your site supervisor immediately and attend site again to arrange for the timesheet to be signed.